Power Supply

The power supply very subtly performs its extremely important work. It is much more than just an 8-port electrical outlet because it provides perfect grounding with its star-wiring and, at six outlets, filters out all unwanted frequencies and any remains of direct current.

For a better understanding, one has to know that our electricity is no longer a simple alternating voltage with a constant frequency of 50 hertz but meanwhile is almost permanently polluted by, mostly high-frequency, parasitic signals. Direct current components also don’t belong there, but are transmitted as well. The sources of these disturbances are to be found everywhere and on large scales: switching power supplies, digital devices, telecommunication, control signals, solar power systems and industrial plants.

We use electric current to run devices, to direct and to amplify musical signals. In simple terms: the tiny voltages of the audio signals are being amplified by the high voltage of the power grid to be strong enough to drive the speakers. Knowing this, it becomes clear that everything contained in the electric current inevitably influences the audio signal. Almost all parasitic signals are of such high frequency that we cannot hear them directly. Nevertheless, their influence on the reproduction quality is very perceptible. It follows: high quality reproduction is only possible with a clean current. A battery power supply, independent from the power grid, would be ideal but requires an immense effort and is therefore seldom employed.

However, there are very effective filters that can raise the quality of a previously very good reproduction to new levels. One of which I have built myself using Frank Wilker’s extraordinary filter modules, whose friendly support helped a lot to realise the project. Aside from filter modules, he also offers ready built filters at very competitive prices. (
With Frank Wilker’s modules, six of the eight slots are equipped individually depending on the power input of the respective devices, two slots are unfiltered. The chassis is from Modushop, the connectors are the formidable PowerCon from Neutrik. These inexpensive connectors are used primarily in professional equipment and, with interlock and silver-plated contacts, offer exceptional operational reliability as well as low-loss contact. The wiring has been made with high quality 2,5mm² wires from Lapp.
Below is the interior and exterior view:

Über den Autor

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