Where do we find High Fidelity?

High Fidelity is in the Bohnenviertel between the underground
stations Rathaus and Olgaeck in
Brennerstraße 23, 70182 Stuttgart

Opening hours

Tuesday to Thursday 18 – 24 pm
Friday & Saturday 18 – 1 pm

Is there something to eat?

YES! Sánguche! Never heard of? Now it’s time for it. Sanguche are sandwiches from Peru. We think: the best sandwiches in the world. Go for it, convince yourself!

What should I drink at High Fidelity?

Wine! Due to our breadth and depth of the wine selection it’ll be hard to find a better wine bar in Germany. High Fidelity gets its wines from Weinhandlung Kreis, which is internationally known for its selection. Especially for High Fidelity, rarities are regularly opened that you will not find anywhere else. You can rely on it.

Will High Fidelity really be the jazz bar with the best music?

One can argue about musical tastes, but not about sound quality. It can be heard and felt. The High Fidelity music system is an integral part of the enjoyment concept and is personally tailored to the acoustics of the room by Bernd Kreis. We don’t want to fill you with background tunes, we want to create a resonance space for sound experiences.