The best sound experience in town is here.
The best sandwiches in town are served here.
And of course the best wines in town.
High Fidelity a space for sensory experiences.

Come to High Fidelity to listen, to drink and to eat.

The heart of the bar is our music system. This is based on tube amplifiers that Bernd Kreis built himself. It is the most original technology of music reproduction and has become rather rare today. In High Fidelity we want to bring this sound to life. With vinyl, jazz and the best sound quality.

Of course, this requires something good to eat and drink. We serve you a typical street food of Lima, namely Sanguches. These are sandwiches that are so well thought out and independent that they cannot be compared to any other in the world.

And of course wine: for 30 years the name Kreis has stood in Stuttgart for a wine standard that is known throughout the business. Handcrafted wines, authentic wineries and rarities in vintage depth, all of this will be available at High Fidelity.

High Fidelity is inspired by two cultures.

We are excited about the Jazz Kissas in Japan. These are cafes that specialize in playing jazz with excellent sound quality and excellent music systems. It’s like cinema for the ears. Here you can enjoy jazz in perfect acoustics. We would like to bring this experience to Stuttgart. The focus is on music, but sophisticated entertainment will be possible.

The second culture that shapes High Fidelity is Peruvian cuisine. Roxana Naranjo-Kreis comes from Lima. She and her husband are very well connected in the restaurant scene in Lima. From our point of view, Peruvian cuisine is one of the most exciting in the world. It is complex and represents pure diversity. Because over the centuries, numerous people brought their ingredients, taste preferences and techniques into the country. Whether Africans, Europeans, Asians: They all developed the Inca high cuisine, one of the many existing kitchen styles, among other things. A national cuisine as fusion cuisine.