The best sound experience in town.
The best sandwiches in town.
And, of course, the best wines in town.
High Fidelity, a place to indulge all your senses.

Visit High Fidelity for Jazz, Food and Wine.

The heart of our bar is the music system. It is based on tube amplifiers that Bernd Kreis built himself and is constantly working on improving. It is the most original technology of music reproduction and has become rather rare today. At High Fidelity, this sound is brought back to life. With vinyl, jazz and the best quality of sound.

Alongside this, you will want something great to eat and drink. We serve a typical street food of Lima: Sánguches. These sandwiches are an artful combination of exciting flavors from the Peruvian cuisine. Their taste delights any gourmet.
Last, but definitely not least, High Fidelity ist here to serve you wine. In Stuttgart, the name Bernd Kreis has been known throughout the business for 30 years and is renowned for his high standards and impeccable taste. At High Fidelity, you will find handcrafted wines, authentic wineries and rare vintages. We offer a large and varying selection of wines by the glass so you can make new discoveries and enjoy all your favorites.

High Fidelity is inspired by two cultures.

We love the Jazz Kissas of Japan. These cafes specialize in playing jazz with excellent music systems and in an excellent quality of sound for their audience. Playing a vinyl record on such a system brings listening to a new level. High Fidelity brings this experience to Stuttgart and lets you enjoy the unfiltered, beautiful sound of Jazz in a comfortable and stylish surrounding. The focus lies on the music, but cultivated conversations are, of course, welcome.

The second culture that shapes High Fidelity is the Peruvian cuisine. Roxana Naranjo-Kreis is from Lima and she and her husband are very well connected in Limas restaurant scene. The Peruvian culinary tradition is one oft the most exciting in the world. It is complex and represents pure diversity. For centuries, various people have brought their ingredients, tastes and cooking techniques into the country and adapted them to the locally available ingredients. A fusion cuisine rooted in national tradition.