Archive Listening Experiences

March 2023

07.03. Cold War and Afro-Cuban Music: Rumba, Salsa, and more

with Ernesto Velarde and Macarena Guerra

Ernesto Velarde and Macarena Guerra are the people behind the Internet radio station Radio Soledad from Paris. Music is Macarena’s passion, and for Ernesto it is also his profession. He is not only a drummer in various formations, but also a master of music anthropology. That’s probably where the academic-sounding title of this entertaining evening, which will be held in English, comes from. In their foray through Afro-Cuban music on both sides of the Atlantic, Ernesto and Macarena will show how the music was politicized by Fidel Castro and the mutual influences of the different musical styles in Africa and Cuba.

February 2023

28.02. Peruvian Music

with Nico Bucher
Nico Bucher, an enthusiastic record collector with a sense for the finer things. He also proves this when he occasionally performs as a DJ. On the side he inspires with his experience as an aerospace engineer and satellite builder.

07.02. Six strings. Or more

with Werner Stiefele
Rock’n’roll and all of pop music would be unthinkable without guitars. A lot has happened since Charlie Christian picked up the strings as a sideman to clarinetist Benny Goodman in the late 1930s. Especially in rock jazz and fusion, but also in the modern mainstream. Romantic, amazing, dreamy from eight decades, played on electric and acoustic and semi-acoustic guitars with six, twelve or more strings. Werner Stiefele has been a music journalist for many years, mainly for jazz, he wrote numerous liner notes and was a lecturer for jazz and popular music in Mannheim and Tübingen. He fascinates and impresses again and again with his seemingly infinite insider knowledge, which he has also gathered through many personal encounters with the jazz greats of this world.

January 2023

24.01. Ethio-Jazz

with Markus Milcke
Markus Milcke is the world music expert at Second Hand Records and consequently an excellent connoisseur of exotic sounds. On January 24, he will present the incredibly exciting Ethio-Jazz, i.e. Ethiopian Jazz, whose most famous representative is the great Mulatu Astatke. Those who do not come will miss the introduction to a unique genre as a fusion of traditional Ethiopian music, jazz, Afro-funk, soul and Latin.

10.01. Sound engineer Rudy van Gelder and his productions as original pressings

with Michael Paukner
The legendary sound engineer Rudy van Gelder has written music history. In his studios, the world’s stars have come and gone. Many of the most important jazz productions of all time were made there. In terms of sound, his recordings are still the measure of all things today. The old Blue Note original pressings from the Plastylite pressing plant are ultra rare and are traded like pure gold. Michael has a sizable collection of them and will share this treasure with us. Michael Paukner works at Second Hand Records as a universal music expert with a special penchant for jazz. He is a style icon of the Stuttgart music scene and, so to speak, the chief consultant of the High Fidelity Bar.

December 2022

27.12. Favourite Tracks

with Tommes
Meanwhile, our friend Tommes from the record store of the same name in our neighborhood has also become a fan of Listening Experiences. That’s why he’s putting on unscheduled favorite tracks on December 27. “It probably boils down to Japanese jazz,” says Tommes. This will be a Listening Experience with no words, just music.

13.12. LOVE

with Zarin Kabir and Wolfgang Weber
The music enthusiast Zarin Kabir describes herself as a selector, whose strength is to find out the exactly fitting pieces for a DJ set. This predestines the music lover for the Listening Experience, which she will perform together with Wolfgang Weber. Since Wolfgang has devoted himself to sourdough bread as a passionate baker, he has only been active as a DJ in Stuttgart’s clubs on a freelance basis. On December 13, they will musically deal with a topic that now seems more important than ever: love. The most beautiful love songs from jazz, soul and other genres will be played on the turntable. Look forward to a cozy evening with the most beautiful music and heartwarming wines.